Me playing the bongoes in Cuba Me behind a drum kit
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Patrick Calnan, Amateur Musician

The picture on the far left is an attempt on my part to fake being able to play bongos while on a trip to Cuba. Fortunately, I'm a little better when sitting behind a drum kit as I've been fortunate to play drums (and now bass guitar!) for a number of different bands over the years (see the semi-complete list on the right).


I've also tried my hand as a songwriter and contributed lyrics and other contributions to most of the acts listed on the right.


My final claim to fame as an independent musician and a percussionist is that despite my inexperience as a hand drummer, I was able to take part in the Earthbeat 2003 Mass Drumming Circle in support of Friends Without Borders.

Musical Groups
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Studio Projects
I have also been involved with the following (with differing levels of seriousness):