Calnan Family History:
To the best of our knowledge, the Calnan clan originates from County Cork in Ireland. Not unlike other Irish clans, you can now find Calnan descendants scattered across the globe in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. In Canada, our branch of the family settled in Ontario but others settled in New Brunswick and other regions. Calnans have been Olympians, RAF pilots, and even comic book artists. For more information on the Calnans, refer to the links found on our Family page.
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Welcome to Calnan.Com, the virtual home of our clan.

We are a small branch of the Calnans located in Eastern Ontario, Canada who have produced this web site to promote businesses and projects that we support or are involved in.

In Remembrance

Pictures From Europe - 1957, a photo-essay in honor of those who served and those who continue to serve.

Free Speech Online
Electronic Frontiers Foundation

We have been supporters of the Electronic Frontiers Foundation in defending freedom of speech on the Internet since 1996.

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While we're currently unable to provide very much in the way of genealogical resources, there are numerous other web sites online that offer invaluable information including RootsWeb,, and (just to name a few). Please feel free to drop us a line at the address shown to the left but due to time and resource constraints, we are unable to respond to all requests for genealogical research.